Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mt. Rainer

A few days ago we left our RV park near Mt. Rainer. The park itself was a highlight. There was a deer refuge located near the park so and it allowed the wild Black Tail Deer to walk around not caring about us, and also there was a lot of places to explore. But the coolest thing was the Mountain this post was named after. It was huge with twenty ft. of snow at only 7,000 ft. above sea level, even though the thing is 14,000 ft. tall. The thing was huge.
As you can see it was huge. We went on a short hike while there and our feet got very wet and cold. Eventually we stop and turned back, but on the way down we got to go on this slide in the snow. That place was awesome. They had really cool forests all over the place. An amazing example of life by a volcano.
Also on the drive to Mt. Rainer we stopped to look at something. A flower company had a huge field of tulips in bloom. We couldn't capture the whole field in one picture but here is part of it.

Very beautiful. I would love to visit that place again.

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