Sunday, May 29, 2011


Here I am at this moment in our car driving on I-5. We just got back from Canada a few days ago taking a car ferry from Victoria Island. First thing that I have to say is that there drinking age is 19 and in some provinces it is 18. I hope that when I turn 18 Canada still has the same drinking laws. Anyways we did a lot of cool stuff there. First thing was going whale watching. SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!
We saw I think, ten Transient Killer Whales, and one of them had a four ft. dorsal fin. They swam near a Harbor Seal and I know this sounds bad, but I secretly hoped the whales would eat the harbor seal. I am a sick, sick, person. :(

 The next thing that we did was go to a place called Butchart Gardens. It was a huge area separated into three major Gardens. The Japanese Garden, the Sunken Garden, and the Italian Garden. My favorite was the Sunken Garden Because the variety of flowers there was great. They had a lot of tulips but there were these tulip hybrids that had fringed edges. That was a really cool flower. There was another type of flower that I really liked too. It was a short little plant that had a dome like flower. Each one of the flowers was different because they had a mixture of red and white that made pink in some places. It was called the English Daisy.

It was the most beautiful garden I had ever seen.
Those are the major things that we did in Canada, but to get there we had to take a giant car ferry called the M. V. Coho. It was huge, and held I think over a hundred cars.
Before we went to Canada we stayed in a town called Port Angeles, WA. Close by was a National park called Olympic National Park. It had a very dense rain forest like environment.

We went on a short hike and came upon a beach, definitely not a resort beach, but definitely a beach. The tide was one of the amazing things about it. It came in about a half a mile from low tide to high tide. We could actually watch the water come in, it was that fast. Also on that hike we found a lot of things on the beach, two of which we took. They were floats, the kind used by fisherman, so that they knew where their traps where. So, that's what we did in Canada and in Washington, but remember, when you turn 18, go to Canada. 

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  1. Is that the float that D is holding? Cool! Hope to see it in your garage/barn. Also, who doesn't want to see nature in action? Probably better on your mom though that the harbor seals didn't get eaten while you watched. Maybe when you are 18 and go back! :)