Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Death Valley.

Sorry about the delay between posting but there hasn't been anything good to post about except Death Valley. The whole park is huge, a vast area of over 5,700 square miles, and it was fairly hot. The coolest thing we did there was probably going to the salt flats. A long time ago Death Valley was under water. When the ocean dried up it left a whole lot of salt behind creating the salt flats. Down there was the lowest point in America, Badwater. 282 feet below sea level. We also went on two bike rides, one being extremely easy and fun and one being very hard and fun. On the first bike ride we drove to the top of a very large mountain gaining 5,000 feet of elevation in the process. Then we rode down traveling about thirty miles an hour on average. The second was a 12 mile loop where the first hill we went on gained 1,000 feet of elevation, I liked this one better. Besides the bike rides, Death Valley is one of the coolest places we have been to. Some of the rocks were literally purple and blue.

After Death Valley we drove to Las Vegas. We're still there too.

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