Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The last place that we went to was Arches National Park, a place where over a long period of time and through a very perfect process, arches where formed. Huge, freestanding, sandstone arches. They also had some other cool formations like Balanced Rock. A huge multi ton rock balanced on a precarious pillar of sandstone (no picture). Another one was the petroglyphs. Very old carvings in the rocks made by Indians long ago.

Also ham rock, a rock that looks very much like a ham.

The arch that they are most famous for is called Delicate Arch. To me it doesn't seem very delicate but it sure doesn't seem super strong.

There is an arch though, that I believe will fall over any day now. It's name is Landscape Arch, and it looks like if you threw a rock at it, it would collapse.

It was a really cool park that had so many places to visit. Also while we were there we went took a Hummer Tour on a road called Hell's Revenge. A series of extremely steep hills, short drop offs, and a road that I can't believe someone thought of.

That's the short drop off (top) and that black line in the picture below is the trail.

That place was definitely a highlight and I will return there some day.

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