Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sad news and good news.

I just found out from my mom that we will not be going to the Jelly Belly factory, but, we will be going to the Coca-Cola factory. Can't wait to do that! Anyways, earlier I said that I would post a picture of the route that we will be taking. Here it is.
We also just got our camper. I took a few pictures of it and here they are.
 That was the outside,

and that was the inside. We are leaving in two weeks so I am getting excited.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Beginning

My family has been planning this insane rv trip we're about to go on for quite a while. My dad just mentioned going on an rv trip and this is where we are now. I can understand that most of you think this is just an rv trip where we go to Michigan, see our grandma, go fishing, and come back, doing all in just a week. You're extremely wrong. This is the ultimate rv trip of all time. It will take three months and we will drive a total of about 6 thousand miles, mabye even more.
We will be visiting places like the Grand Canyon, the Jelly Belly factory, and the Florida Keys. Pictures will be posted on the blog so you can see where we are and you can enjoy this trip too. Very soon I will post a map with a line on it showing where we will be going so you can get an idea of just how insane this rv trip is.